The East Los Angeles Society of Film & Arts

East LA Film Festival (ELAFF) 2013

Who We Are

TELA SOFA is a collaboration of professional directors, editors, cinematographers, writers, photographers, actors, fashion designers, muralists, painters, makeup artists, graphic designers, and musicians. Together, these talented professionals provide opportunities to at-risk youth in the areas of theater and film making (incluind: editing, poster design, script writing, pre-productions, production and post-production. as viable and positive alternatives to drug abuse, gang violence, and domestive violence. The prevention of teen pregnancy, STDs and AIDS/HIV is also a focus. Although our principal target population is youth, we will teach our curriculum to anyone interested in film production and the arts.

Our Mission

The East Los Angeles Society of Film and Arts (TELA SOFA) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit community organization that promotes human development and digital literacy through film and art. Through our unique bridges to the Hollywood Entertainment Industry, we are committed to inspiring and educating today’s youth by providing life skills and mentorship, made possible by such collaboration. We view the mediums of film and art as important vehicles for empowerment and self-expression, particularly among at-risk and under-served youth.